Ce qui rend nos chemises si spéciales

Chaque chemise Marengo est cousue à une aiguille et comporte des boutons en nacre. L'espacement inhabituel des boutons empêche la chemise d'être béante - coupe près du corps réalisée sans pinces. Un ourlet droit polyvalent signifie que vous pouvez les porter en dehors de votre pantalon ou de votre short.




I just received the suit and I love it very much. Its the right size and I personally think it fits very well. The first Mark Marengo suit that I bought was from Seibu Hong Kong a long time ago. Since then, I have never tried other brands. 

Stephen Ng
Hong Kong 

It must be 14 or 15 years I've been coming to Mark Marengo since you had those two shops in Quadrant Arcade on Regent Street. The first suit was charcoal grey with a bright pink check, but I tend to go for plain fabrics now, navy, grey, and petrol blue. The main thing for me about Marengo is the sharp cut that makes your suits really stand out. They are comfortable to wear due to the half-canvas construction. You guys have come a long way with the shop on Savile Row, but the good personal service is unchanged. I believe I will keep coming back as long as you keep doing what you do...

Tom Broadhurst

Simply the best London suits, flexible and comfortable to wear. The Marengo brothers are great business people! Thanks for making me look good for over 10 years! 

Oli Heuchenne

What I like best about Mark Marengo are the suits and items with scarlet details, like the red cuff buttonholes on the suits with working cuffs and the Scarlet Label 2 fold, white shirts with red cuff facings with that cut-out detail and the red-stitched button. People often ask me where I got them, and I've given out loads of recommendations over the years. Still, I don't tell everyone as I quite like that Marengo clothes are a bit original and unique, not the sort of thing every other person in the City is wearing!

Olly Smith

I wanted to let you know that the ties arrived yesterday a lot faster than expected. They are just beautiful and I know that I will enjoy wearing them this fall as I shed my winter clothing. The blue and pink are particularly outstanding. I have purchased many items during my travels to London - I am a big fan of Mark's designs.

Moe Levy

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Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for all your help. I have been buying Mark's suits and shirts for years (since 2004), and I am a big fan of the brand.

Simon Mogg


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Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.